BMW E30 25mm Brake Master Cylinder Upgrade

BMW E30 25mm Brake Master Cylinder Upgrade

1987-1994 BMW E30 25mm Brake Master Cylinder Upgrade

- Stock E30 has a 22.2mm bore, this Brake Master Cylinder has a 25.4mm bore
- When upgrading to big brake kits, you will need to upgrade your master cylinder with a larger bore which moves a larger volume of fluid
- Moving a larger volume of brake fluid helps to maintain a firm pedal feel as you increase the size of your brakes
- 14% percent increase in brake fluid

- Note: Reservoirs and caps are not included, but the stock BMW E30 reservoirs will fit perfectly. This master cylinder will bolt on with no modifications needed, just bend stock hard lines a little to screw into new master cylinder. M3 owners will need to add a T and short hard line to work with this master cylinder since it only has 1 output for the front brakes. While the M3 master cylinder has 2 front outputs. You must connect them to make only 1 hard line for front brakes.

- Direct fit for after 05/87 BMW 325i / 318i models with ABS