BMW E30 Alpina Retro DGA Data Display

BMW E30 Alpina Retro DGA Data Display

BMW E30 Alpina Retro DGA Data Display

✔ Identical look to the original ALPINA
✔ The display fits all E30 models
✔ Very high quality components
✔ 4 crucial pieces of information: engine oil temperature, axle oil temperature, engine oil pressure and intake gas pressure
✔ temperature accuracy +/- 1 ° Celcius
✔ operating range from 0 ° to 150 °
✔ pressure accuracy +/- 0.1 Bar
✔ operating range from 0.0 to 9.9 bar
✔ ready to plug in, quick and easy installation (1 hour max)

Package Included :
- ALPINA control unit
- 2 oil temperature probes M12x1.5
- 1 1/8 NPT oil pressure sensor
- 1 inlet gas pressure sensor
- 1 metric adapter to install the M12x1.5 probe on the differential bridge housing
- 1 T-adapter for the intake gas pressure
- Probe harnesses, intake gas hose
- Step by step assembly instructions
- Miscellaneous supply necessary for assembly

- You can see the differential oil temperature, engine oil temperature, engine oil pressure and engine manifold pressure in the multi-gauge.
- Compatible with all engine configurations from E30, origin or swap
- Alarm functionality if your engine oil pressure is less than 0.6 bars, this can save your engine in the event of a crankcase breakage for example
- Alarm functionality if the engine or axle oil temperature exceeds 130 degrees Celsius

- UPS Standard Shipping (48 States) $40.00
- Approx. delivery 5-10 days
- Please allow 1-3 business days for your order to be processed