BMW E30 S54 Swap Karbonius Carbon Fiber Airbox

$2,200.00 - $2,300.00
BMW E30 S54 Swap Karbonius Carbon Fiber Airbox

BMW E30 S54 Swap Karbonius Carbon Fiber Airbox

- Karbonius E30 S54 Swap Airbox made 100% in prepreg carbon fiber
- All Karbonius pieces are numbered to ensure origin and authenticity
- Around 25 HP depending on the parameters chosen for reprogramming

Kit includes:
• Airbox
• CNC machine-made items of aluminum
• OEM Plastic Trumpets
• Aluminum threads
• Stainless-steel screws
• M POWER stick
• Certificate of authenticity
• Does not include air filter

• Appreciable gain of power
• Aerodynamic design
• Great fitment guaranteed, simple installation
• Reinforced in all key points, crews, connectors, etc.
• Awesome sound
• 100% carbon fibre prepreg
• Cured in autoclave
• Exclusive and numbered piece
• Aggressive appearance
• 2 years warranty

- The BMW M3 E46 CSL is one of the most famous and mythical cars in the world, and part of the success is due the carbon airbox. This intake generates what is probably one of the best noises in any sports car. For that reason a lot of BMW E30 drivers want to get the same noise in their E30's S54 Swap

- As the E46 CSL Airbox does not fit correctly on the E30 chassis with S54 Engine, Karbonius did some modifications to there Airbox to get a perfect fitment

- The S54 E30 Airbox comes without the front inner canalization that typically sucks in cold air. Additionally, the box is modified on the rear next to the servo unit to prevent friction in that area

- Airbox of only 2.3 Kg. of weight, high quality replica of the well-known M3 CSL BMW Airbox, made 100% in prepreg carbon fiber. This is, perhaps, the best replica in the market. It is made 100% in carbon fiber prepreg, based on 3D scanning of the original CSL Airbox, with aluminum mold and cured in autoclave at 120ºC, which lends the best finished you can find on the market and a major thermal and structural stability. This is the same technology used in F1.

- Besides of this gain of power, the Karbonius CSL gives the engine an awesome appearance and an astonishing sound